Who We Are

Remo Saraceni Corporation is a Philadelphia based designer company ,creator of interactive exhibits worldwide.

Fashion Designer
Walt Disney World- EPCOT CENTER
Musical stair is one of the outstanding innovations of the great legend, Remo Saraceni. The pioneer of musical stairs, Remo Saraceni, has a lot of inventions to his credit. One of it is just the renowned musical stairs that are now taking the world by the storm. The invention came about the same time as that of the big piano and has been a successful exhibition since it was first installed at Papalote Children’s Museum in Mexico City as far back as 1988.

>See the NY Times Magazine article By ANTHONY De PALMA November 18, 1993

Chief Designer
Papalote, Museo del nino, Mexico
Just like floor piano for Big movie that was also designed by Remo Saraceni, the musical staircase and tunnels at the Papalote Children’s Museum are built to lift up the spirits of the visitors to the museum, most especially children and users of the stairwells. The invention has stood the test of time, and many people have attempted to duplicate or copy this rare invention.

Musical stairs are made of maze and light system specially designed to convey sounds and melodies to the users of the staircase. The stairs and tunnels are also built to encourage people to use the stairs instead of the elevators and escalators. Mr. Saraceni, while making the last-minute adjustment to the system, affirmed that musical stair is a kind of renaissance and recognizes that the environment has to be respected which will help us to have a dialogue with the nature.

Visual Artist
Museo de la ciencia, La Paz, Bolivia
Remo Saraceni Corporation has been commissioned to create museum exhibits relating to subjects a varied as International Telecommunications to Biological Sciences and DNA as the fabric of life. Being mindful of the individual characteristics of each site and project, Remo Saraceni Corporation is able to provide a unique perspective that is artistic, one of a kind and always captivating. A blend of science, technology and Art are the basis of any work, which is produced.

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> See the video of Saraceni's artworks at Museo de los Ninos, Papalote, Mexico City, Mexico