The original Musical Stairs. Signed by Remo Saraceni, the artist who created the Big Piano from the movie “BIG”.

Model Girl 1

The implementation is a revolutionary concept in design. A thirty years knowledge and experience in pioneering major interactive exhibits all over the world will guarantee unique excitements in performance with reliability for many years to come:

We have a system guarantee will work on humid and wet situation (outdoor all weather)

Our many years of experience and several installations all over the world. We came to realize that the our Musical Stairs are trouble free even after millions of time of operations with minimum amount of servicing. Just clean the surface of the steps.

Remo Saraceni Corporation realize all kind of Musical Stairs, for private collectors or Institutions, for indoor and outdoor installations.

• Total interactivity

• Long life expectancy- no service

• We will be using finest material and super craftsmanship.

• All solid state components, no moving parts.

• Minimal wiring required.

• Pre assembled, modular plug-in systems.

• Signature edition.

• All system have a five year warranty.

Our technology include the best components and best design.

Model 5

Save money: try our “DO IT YOUR SELF KIT” with all technical information and free consultancy.

The DIY (Do It Yourself) kit offers you the opportunity to turn any staircase into a fantastic musical interactive staircase.
The kit consists of multiple parts that are easy to assemble and can be attached to a wide range of different staircase.Assuming you are proficient with installation, this solution might be right for you. The installation process should take approximately one day working.

To prepare yourself with the installation process, after purchase we recommend carefully reading the Installation Guide and watching our installation videos.

We offer free Remote Assistance installation (by Skype and email)

You can work directly with our experts to develop your custom musical staircase project using our expertise and all supported technologies. We help you building your own musical staircase. Feel free to contact us and we will assemble for you a well-balanced and cost-effective DIY Kit or Turn Key project.

Contact us for details.