The original Musical Stairs. Signed by Remo Saraceni, the artist who created the Big Piano from the movie “BIG”.

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There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have some love for music though the affection varies from one person to the other. Music has always been one of the media that enhances mental health of individuals.

Musical stairs have impacts on the chord of sensibility. It has great and positive influences on those who play it. The notes produced from musical stairs result in social synergies that are unparalleled. It also put everyone in a happy frame of mind that promotes healthy living.

All over the world, the musical stairs are adopted and acclaimed by government and health organization all over the world as a musical aerobics interactive device for promoting positive health and social synergies. Doctors have also attested to the fact that taking the musical stairs instead of elevators is good for heart health. It has a tendency to improve your mood.

Musical stairs have also been recognized around the globe as a means of promoting oneness and social connection among the communities. Musical stairs are gaining acceptance by the day as more people are falling in love with this great innovation.

Model Girl 1 The inventor, Remo Saraceni is presently doing a great deal of research on devising a way to accommodate the growing traffic between Ground floor and lower floor in a musically fun way. The research is also geared towards increasing the interest of people in using the musical stairs by improving the melodies that come with a great innovation.

It is a great fun using the stairs instead of elevator and results in the interactive aerobics. It also helps to grow traffic on the stairwells. It reduces the pressure on the elevators as more people opt for musical stairs because of the benefits derived from using it. The physical and mental health is boosted with musical stairs.

Organizations will derive a lot of benefits using musical stairs in their properties. It can increase traffic in no small measure as more and more people flood in to use the musical stair for various benefits.

This great project is presently used around the world, no wonder; it is now referred to as Remo Saraceni world Project. It is becoming a common site in public places, museums and private institutions. Increase the beauty of your property and buildings by installing musical stairs. The benefits that you will derive from doing so cannot be measured.

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